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Mercedes C63 AMG NTG4 retrofit

Mercedes C and E-Class with NTG4, we will be able to fit reverse camera, retrofit to NTG4.5 and iPod, for Japan imported, we will be able to convert NZ standard, for UK imported, the cost will be lower, please contact us for more details.

UK imported C63 AMG has a smaller screen with Audio 50 APS, he wants the car to be perfect looking and operating.
The main issue with retrofitting Comand to these vehicles is cooling. From the factory cars with Comand come equipped with additional cooling, ducting and a fan. There are people around who will install a Comand for you without the ducting and the fan. We wont do it. The fan is there for a good reason. The comand system runs hotter than audio-20 and therefore requires extra cooling. If you dont fit these components then your comand system will run hotter than it should which will lead to premature failure or even worse, it could cause a fire. When we fit Comand to a W204 we do it exactly as per factory. That means cooling. The other issue to beware of is the GPS antenna. Aftermarket GPS antenna's do not have the correct right angled plug on them. This causes the comand system to not fit in the dash. If you do manage to force it back into place the cable for the antenna will be squashed hard behind the comand unit. This will eventually cause the cable to fail.
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