BMW Coding and Programming services

BMW Coding and Programming services
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You can now take full advantage of custom coding for your BMW car. You can personalize your BMW to your liking and enable those features that you really like or perhaps disable few of those annoying things. Coding service start from $150+GST, please contact us with your requirements to get the right quotes.

Basic Coding:

  • 1. Rolling up windows/sunroof with key by holding lock
  • 2. Folding mirrors with key by unlock and lock
  • 3. Fog-lights and High-Beams Simultaneously
  • 4. Automatically Unlock Doors after Pulling Out Key
  • 5. De-activate Amber Signals (European Corners)
  • 6. De-activate E92 Amber LED
  • 7. De-activate E90 LCI Amber LEDs
  • 8. De-activate Day Time Running Lights
  • 9. Enable Digital Speedometer (km/h or mph)
  • 10. Enable Double Blinking Hazard Lights
  • 11. Remove Seatbelt Chime/Gong Passenger + Driver
  • 12. Remove i-Drive Legal Disclaimer
  • 13. Remove Key Ignition and Opened Door Gong
  • 14. Enable Rest Functionality (2010+)
  • 15. Enable Tailgate/Trunk Closing via Key or Button (X5/X6)
  • 16. Pathway Lighting with a Push of the Trunk Button
  • 18. Day-Time-Running Light Menu/Option on Dash or Navigation
  • 19. Windshield Wipers Return Back to End Position After Turning Off Ignition
  • 20. Disable Headlight Washers
  • 21. Disable Door Gong When Key is in Ignition

Special Coding:

  • 1. Enable Angel Eyes as Day-Time-Running Lights (2008+)
  • 2. Increase Angel Eye Voltage and Brightness*
  • 3. Enable DVD-in-Motion (CIC – 2009+)
  • 4. Enable Actual Speed Reading Correction (Analog or Digital)
  • 5. Disable Light Bulb Error Checks (Angel Eyes, Licence Plates, etc.)
  • 6. Clear ECU Fault/Shadow Codes
  • 7. Clear ECU Adaptation Learning Values
  • 8. Clear Computer Error Messages
  • 9. Racing Seats Conversion
  • 10. Racing Steering Wheel Conversion
  • 11. Disable TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  • 12. Disable EDC (Electronic Dampining Control) for 2007+ E9x M3
  • 13. European MDM (Larger Slip/Slide Angle) for 2007+ E9x M3
  • 14. Disable Airbag Systems for Aftermarket Seats/Steering Wheel
  • 15. Custom Programming of Welcome Light Choices (Angel Eyes, Signals, Foglights etc.)
  • 16. Custom Programming of Day Time Running Light Choices (Foglights, Xenons etc.)
  • 17. E93 Convertible Top Down While in Motion (Up to 30KM/H)
  • 18. Enable Shifting Selection in 6MT (Will Indicate Gear When to Shift Gears to Save The Most Gas)
  • 19. Instrument Cluster Always ON (Regardless if Night or Day)

Retrofit Coding:

  • 1. OEM Alarm Retrofit Coding
  • 2. OEM Bluetooth Retrofit Coding
  • 3. Halogen to Xenon Retrofit Conversion
  • 4. LCI Rear Tail-light Conversion
  • 5. LCI Front Head-light Conversion
  • 6. Programming of a New Battery
  • 7. Chinese Language on Navigation Programming
Please note that not all of the above coding is applicable to all cars. Coding options may differ based on what packages/option you car came with. However most of the features on top will apply to all newer BMWs We do all coding with certified software/hardware and therefore everything is safe. In case you don't like a certain feature its fully reversible.

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